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Dear friends, welcome to “Hamro Pathshala”, another brand new blog in this blogging clouds. As you guessed from the name of this blog, yes, this is completely an educational blog. Basically, being an IT student,, I’m interested in Technology Stuffs, IT News and more about Information Technology and Communication. Obviously, one can reflect his/her interests in his/her blog and so do I. Yet, another thing I have to share with you is that, this is not only my property, you all are welcome to have your posts in this blog. If you really, want to have your posts in this blog, please send me your posts via e-mail to Once I receive your post, I’ll publish it in this blog  and let you know about it in your inbox with a link of your post. If you have time and want to be an admin of this blog, you most welcome in this platform. Just write about your interests and some posts and send it to the given address. Please feel free to send your comments and suggestion too. Eagerly waiting to see you in my inbox.  Have a good time ahead

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