NTC 3G Settings for your phone

alt 3G Settings for

Nokia, LG, Samsung & Other Mobile Devices….

3G Service Settings (WCDMA Service)

To fulfill the ever growing demands and to browse and access the web pages like video based programs (Live TV browsing) NT installed WCDMA based 3G system which offers 384 kbps of downloading alt

and 64kbps of uploading data speed.

New services added on WCDMA

1. Video Call

With this service, two subscriber can make a call with voice as well as video.

2. Video on Demand

This feature provides user to watch video of their choice which are available in NT video server.

3. Live TV capture and video Streaming

From this service we can watch live TV channel.
  a. Proxy address:
  b. Proxy Port: 8000
  c. Homepage: http://tv.ntc.net.np

4. High Speed Data Connection including Internet and Email

With this service, subscriber can connect to the internet with a speed up to 384kbps downloading and 64kbps of uploading.

5. High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA).

Through High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) high speed internet upto 14.4 Mbps can be achieved.

6. Various other value added services can be introduced for 3G Subscriber like:

  1. a.      Video RBT:

Same as CRBT but in case of VRBT we can watch Video as a ring back tone.

  1. b.      Video Chat:

It supports video in chatting application.

  1. c.       Online handy cam:

With this feature 3G user can send video clips by using their 3G set as a handy cam.

  1. d.      Video SMS/ Greeting:

This feature enable subscriber to send greeting and video SMS.

  1. e.       Video Surveillance:

With this feature, mentor can observe his office, home activities on his personal cell where the camera has been installed.

  1. f.        Video OBD:

Video Outbound Dialler is the function where we can send our video information to the calling party (similar to CLIP but here we send Video).

Coverage and planning

Till now all together 60 sites are installed and on air including Banepa, Bhaktpur, total 59 sites in Kathmandu and 1 site in Pokhara.
Total planning sites are:
Phase 1: 82 sites in Kathmandu and 10 sites in Pokhara
Phase 2: 24 sites in Kathmandu and 2 sites in Pokhara

3G Tarrif

Post- Paid

Video Call
Rs. 4/min
Rs. 5/min

Rs. 2.5/MMS
Rs. 3/MMS

Rs. 0.5/100KB

Subsbription Charge

Pre-paid : Rs 2500 with talk time worth Rs. 2000 (valids 9 mon)
Post-paid : Rs. 4130 (Ownership Charge Rs. 1130 & Credit limit Rs. 3000). Rental Rs. 300/month.
Existing Post-paid users can activate 3G by changing SIM card (Rs. 565) and extending their deposits to Rs. 3000.

High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA):

is a 3G (third generation) mobile telephony communications protocol in the High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) family, which allows networks based on Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) to have higher data transfer speeds and capacity. Current HSDPA deployments support down-link speeds of 1.8, 3.6, 7.2 and 14.4 Mbit/s.

Online Accesses

17 Responses to NTC 3G Settings for your phone

  1. ip camera says:

    Thanks I finally came to a website where the webmaster knows what they’re talking about. Do you know how many results are in Google when I search.. too many! It’s so irritating having to go through page after page after page, wasting my day away with thousands of owners just copying eachother’s articles… bah. Anyway, thanks for the information anyway, much obliged.

  2. I want to connect 3g.biratnagar bata huncha ki hundaina.charge kati lagcha.i have a 3g set.tianks..

  3. gyaneshwor says:

    Don’t catch 3g at kirtipur.?

  4. Rajesh Bhagat says:

    Can old Pre paid sim be converted to New 3G Pre paid sim?

    • Manish Rawal says:

      nope, you have to buy a new sim of 3g

  5. nawaraj says:

    mero yo 3g ko speeed kina kam bhayeko kasailai thaha chha hola…mero set n8 ho ani maile 3g pani activate gare….ra chali raheko chha tara….360 kbps haina jamma 10-12 kbps…kina hola?????

  6. rct says:

    I want to set 3g service on my Nokia mobile … so how to do ?

  7. anishkattel says:

    i am fine

  8. Akhtarali says:


  9. DestrOYer says:

    Please send me many tips.

  10. Hari says:

    Live tv kashari chal6

  11. suresh says:

    when i started brosing .E SIGN APPERS INSTEAD OF 3g ,AND net is slow = gprs…
    so funny 3g of ntc

  12. Prakash says:

    Minbhawan .Aloknagar ma 3g network kina awudaina kripaya asako samadhan garidinu hola

  13. shivaraj says:

    mero mobile colors x9 ho
    yesma 3g support xa ki xaina
    ani yo mobile ma 3g sim ma pani gprs kina chaldaina?

  14. Dhan says:


  15. kshitiz singh basnyat says:

    i-phone 4 ma 3G enable garna setting k ho ….

  16. khai kata cha setting??????????????????????????????????????bhetina ta maile

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