Let’s say “Nepal will develop in future”

-Suraj Kumar Aryal


nepalNepal will develop in future and I’m agree with this statement. As we all know, development does not come with a revolution, each and every thing became developed gradually and it applies in the development of a nation aslo. Development is a process of evolution so, each and every nation must be developed either now or later. Noone could avoid this process of development, even if we want. Therefore, we can say Nepal will definitely develop in one day.

As stated in the previous paragraph, development does not come with a sudden change or revolution. It is a long process and could take a long period of time to disclose the result. To develop a nation, we must have some infrastructure of development like roadways and transportation, health and education facilities to all of it’s people but unfortunately we could not manage those infrastructures yet. However, we are on the way of developing them gradually. Highways between one and another city in a distance, agricultural roads to the remote areas, basic health and education facilities to all the people in no cost, and establishment of national/international college and universities are the vital sign that indicates we are on the way to the development.

While talking about the development of Nepal, last eleven years were most painful for us due to the maoist revolution and political instability in the nation. Beside, some good results to appreciate; like social, political awareness of the people and constitution assembly, we lost more than we can sacrifice for the nation. Almost fourteen thousand were dead and around fifty six thousand are left as impaired. Although they always said that they were on the battlefield for the betterment of Nepal and nepalese people and still they are talking about it but unfortunately, they could not result them out. Only they destroyed infrastructures of development like public buildings under the contemporary authority, suspension bridges and even motorable bridges sometime. They captured various public and private properties and used them as their own property. This really cause Nepal short of to ten years back which really could be fruitful for the nation if, we all were concerntrated to do some good to develop the infrastructure, rather than to destroy the old one. In Addition, there was an insurgency most of the time, throughout the nation during that period. That caused the direct influence in the tourism industry & national economy, which resulted as a scarcity of foreign currencies, international trade relationship and blockages in national development as well.

Although, there are so many challenges to develop our nation, one and only thing we need now is political stability and peace in the country. So we can convertbeautiful nepal each of them into cash. As we know from the business columns of national and international newspapers there are so many investors who is interested to invest in Nepal. But they hesitate just because of our political instability and clashes between the government and various racial groups throughout the country. Dissimilarly, so many multinational companies like Dabur Nepal Pvt. Ltd, Unilever Nepal Limited and Teliasonera, are there and they are doing their best. If we able to attract some more multinational companies to invest here in Nepal, we can take so many advantages from them like, tax from the company, employment opportunities to skilled and semi-skilled manpowers of the nation, and international trade relationships as well. No landlocked country like Nepal, can develop without international trade relationship with their neighbourhood countries. Moreover we can develop us as a transit point between two countries who has fast growing economy in the world, India and China. This international investment can reduce our daily street agitations too in some contexts. In my opinion, if a person is busy, he will have no time to go to the streets and demonstrate against the government in each social affairs related to the government. No-one can mislead him/her. As a result development comes throughout the nation.

We have so many resources to develop the nation like rivers to generate electricity, water to irrigate the whole nation, world’s top peak, Mt. Everest to introduce ourselves, origin of Buddhism and many more… and still we are poorest in the world? The only thing we lack is lack of promotional activities, lack of marketing ideas to sell those resources or generate income from them. Nepal is the second richest country of the world in water resources and we poor people are compelled to live without light for eighteen hours a day and seven days in a week? What results it out? How can we get rid of it? Is there no solution of these problems? Of course! There is. The only thing we have to do is to unite ourselves and fight against the corruption. Fight against the poverty. Fight against the political instability and fight against the clases between those racial groups over the nation not only with weapons but with peace and harmony along with brotherhood. No man will revolt against the nation and national affairs if he gets response and respect from his country.

untitledAlthough, we do not have enough cash to invest in any industry but we can generate cash from our peaks, from our natural resources and from our rivers too. Nepal is a small but beautiful country in the world with many possibilities in itself. It is like a heaven on earth. So we could easily convert this credit into monitory value in many ways. We only have to promote it throughout the world. Tourism Industry in Nepal is most appreciated and income generated industry among all which could help us to bring foreign currencies and it helps us to promote Nepal as a tourist destination throughout the world.. Simply we can promote Nepal as a home land of Gautam Buddha which can attracts Buddhist from the whole world and we can use them as a religious tourists. We can attracts those tourists also who is fond of nature and natural adventures by promoting rafting and kayaking in the Nepalese rivers which has a strong current in itself and beautiful scenery around it as well. We can attract them by offering them to home stay and greet them from our hospitality. Off course! Nepal is a land of Nature, culture and adventure and we should promote it to gain more from the tourism industry. They will definitely come to visit if we have peace and harmony in our country. This could bring more tourists here from the entire world and we will have more sources of income.

At last, there are so many possibilities in Nepal with some challenges as well. We all know there are some challenges in front of us to manage clashes between racial groups and governments. Moreover, political parties of Nepal also have challenges to form a stable government in the nation, still it is not impossible, if we want it to be solved from our inner heart. As I stated in the beginning development does not come with a revolution but with evolution. So I want to burrow a line from our elders “every cloud has a silver/golden line in itself at the edges”. Yes of course! We have passed through the clashes between Royal Monarchy and peoples so many times and so called maoist civil war for ten years and many more other inner and outer obstacles that did not let us go through the development but still we have a golden line. At least we are politically aware now, we can take a decision rationally in the bad times too. I think it’s just because of maoist revolution for ten years. All of us are socially and politically aware now. If the peoples of a nation are politically aware and they have the sense of good and bad, they never let their country back from the development and it could be the perfect example of evolution to the development.

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